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Massachusetts Rescue and Recovery K9 Unit


PRESIDENT:   Paul J. Morris
CLERK:   Paul J. Morris
TREASURER:   Sophie Evans


  Canine Training Director
Paul J. Morris   Ground SAR Training Director

MARK9 Members are listed below. Please click on each Member's name to learn more about that Member and their dogs.  Other photos can be seen at the MARK9 Photo Gallery.

Kathryn Barrows MARK9
Tyler Bresse MARK9 (Served Agency Liasion)
Dale Chayes MARK9
Kevin Conley MARK9
Sophia Evans MARK9
Denise Feryermuth MARK9
David Fortini MARK9
Matt Hesek MARK9 (Safety Officer)
Jenny Kuhn MARK9
Craig Lambert Probationary
Jeff Lamson MARK9
Kelly MacLean Probationary
Paul J. Morris MARK9
Charlie Orr Probationary
Ellice Osborn Probationary

Responding to people in distress has long been an honorable, charitable tradition. MARK9 consists of a dedicated team of professional volunteers who carry on this tradition by donating thousands of hours to train their dogs for the sole purpose of helping others in times of need. All members are required to have a minimum of Basic First Aid and CPR. Many members have additional training, such as EMTs and Paramedics. All of our dogs are owned by their handlers and all costs incurred during training and responding on missions is the sole responsibility of the handler.

If you are interested in sponsoring our team, please see the "How You Can Help" Page.

For membership opportunities, contact:  Paul J. Morris at president@mark9.us

  • We, the members of MARK9, commit to provide high quality emergency response and to excellence in our performance at all times.
  • We , the members of MARK9, commit to "working for the victim" through an organized and professional search and rescue canine training and response program.
  • We, the members of MARK9, maintain excellence by constantly evaluating and improving the performance of our dogs and our ability to respond to emergency situations.
  • We, the members of MARK9, accept responsibility for and hold each other accountable for achieving this mission.
  • Our heart is in our service.



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