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Emergency Callout Information

Canine Rio searching with a three person task team



An emergency occurring within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and which may involve a search and rescue response for a lost or missing person should be reported to the nearest law enforcement agency or fire/rescue department by dialing  911. All requests for MARK9 search dog teams must come from state, county, or local agencies (Police, Fire, Park Ranger, etc).

The following information may help in determining the appropriate response to a particular search:

    Contact Information


  • What is the name of the person or agency that is in charge of the search?
  • Where is the search located?
  • Who can be contacted for directions?
  • Is there a telephone number which can be used if necessary by SAR personnel en route?


    What Kind of Search Is It?


  • Does the search involve a lost person, a drowning, cadaver, disaster, fire?
  • Is the search mainly occurring in wilderness or an urban setting?
  • What type of terrain is present in the search area?
  • When was the person last seen?
  • Where was the person last seen?
  • Is there an item belonging to the person available at the scene?
  • Is there any person who can supply background information on the missing person?

    What Kind of Assistance Is Requested?


  • What kind of search efforts already have been initiated?
  • How long have these search efforts been underway?
  • How many canines are needed?
  • What kind of ground support personnel will be available to accompany each canine team?


Please contact us if you are unsure of where to call and report your emergency. We can also provide information on which state canine teams could be helpful in a specific search situation.



State your name, and your call will ring the MARK9 leadership's phones. If none of the leadership are available, and you reach voicemail, state code and number of the telephone number of where you want us to call you back and a brief message.

Massachusetts Rescue and Recovery K9 Unit
PO Box 409
Harvard, MA 01451
Email: president@mark9.us


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